The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth. It makes a full turn around the Earth for 28 days. But the most interesting fact here is that it shows always the same face /side/ to the Earth. That fact was observed and very well known even by the Ancient people. Moving around her own orbit for these 28 days, the Moon actually makes one full rotation around its own axis. This phenomenon in Astronomy is called synchronous rotation.

The fact that the Moon always has the same “face” towards the Earth reveals its secret, that it is hollow from its opposite side – the one which is invisible for the people.

To be able to make such a conclusion however, we should COMPARE the above described behavior of the Moon to the one of the famous kid’s toy “Rolly – Poly” also known as “NEVELYASHKA” DOLL. Rolly –Poly NEVER FALLS DOWN!

This experiment would be really convincing if a metal plate is attached to a sphere made of styrofoam.

It doesn’t matter in what position you put the Roly – Poly or the styrofoam sphere, they always stand with their heavy side down, which is the earth gravity direction actually, WHICH MEANS THAT THE MOON ALWAYS SHOWS ITS HEAVY SIDE TO THE EARTH.

Even though the shape of the Moon – “Roly-Poly” is sphered it should has huge hollows or craters on its back side that make its opposite side being always invisible from the Earth. That is actually the REASON for its permanently maintained synchronized rotation around the Earth.

All we said above about the connection between the Erath and the “ROLLY –POLY” is rather a matter of suggestion than a real scientific knowledge.

I hope the science with all its representatives would accept this simple truth that the opposite side of the Moon is hollow while its more dense and therefore heavier side is directed towards the Earth’s by its gravity. And it is not an accident that the two satellites of Mars – Phobos and Deimos show only one of their sides towards Mars.

We already know why all this happens – because both of the satellites of Mars obey the same physic law: “THE LAW OF ROLLY – POLY”.

All written above is consistent with our scarce knowledge about gravity, just like the kids wonder why the ROLLY – POLY NEVER FALLS DOWN!

07. март 2016 by hrdichev
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