Devices and machines embedded in a company “Chemical products” Ltd., Yambol

Device cleavage of double self-adhesive film / tape /


Used for closing the pipe insulation.
Average annual load – 150000 m.


Drobilna machine


Used for crushing mineral wool in the production of pipe insulation. It consists of two pairs of crushing rollers(Coarse and fine grinding), and balance for download finished granulate.

Lamelna machine


Used for cutting and gluing slats of mineral wool to aluminum foil, kraft paper or glass fiber. A laminate wool is used for thermal insulation of pipelines,dishes, reactors and other. The machine is a hydro-mechanical unit, solenoid operated. Cutting, repression and bonding are carried out in automatic mode. Dimensions - 2400 mm / 1100mm / 1000mm.
Productivity - 60 meters / hour.

Workshop for production of lamella wool left and right machine.


Device for producing slabs of mineral wool


Blocks of mineral wool (1200h1000h210) are cut slabs of different thicknesses on behalf of clients. The device allows two-way cutting through hydraulic unit, Variable speed.

Press-foiling (stacking) car


Used for thermal bonding of glass fiber, aluminum foil and kraft paper, to the plates of glass and mineral wool. Represents a hydro-mechanical unit with electromagnetic control and possibilities to regulate the temperature and duration of zalepvaneto.raboti in flexible automatic mode.
/Photo team designed and built the machine /

Device for preheating of foiling machines.

The device solves the problem of heating the work rolls and allows kontroleuemo initially heated seven number foiling machines.


Machine insulation rope


The machine is used for making rope insulation mineral wool, diameter 40 to 100 mm with mesh braid.
The machine is a mechanical structure with vacuum and pressure systems.
Performance – 500 m per shift.

Foiling machine indefinitely

Mineral wool insulation is often covered with roofing material – preferably an aluminum foil. Sometimes customers, especially in larger diameters, aluminum foil wish to be thermally bonded over the whole surface of the pipe insulation, without cutting assembly. The machine allows this to be done by a detachable clamping shaft, operated by a pneumatic system.

Universal cutting machine for mineral wool – 2009

415Produces mineral wool products.
Automatic control is designed and constructed by engineer. Emil Sartmadzhiev.

The machine allows, as the production of pipe insulation, and the plate, wedges and roof insulation. Worktable with variable slope, driven horizontal hydraulic system. The center of gravity of the cutting tool is located under the fulcrum.

Semiautomatic for hidroponika


Allows semi-automatic production of cubes of mineral wool with grooves and holes on both faces.


Automatic hydroponics.

Produces mineral wool products.
Automatic control is designed and constructed by engineer. Emil Sartmadzhiev.

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